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Sillanum Soft & the author

    My name is Alfredo Accattatis; I love electronics and software, and I have been working for years in commercial companies as software/firmware engineer and software designer. I've been writing programs for embedded systems (with DSP and MICROCONTROLLERS), for PC, for Avionic Computers and even for Mainframes, using C, C++, Pascal, Ada, REXX and assembly. I starting write VA during my free time just for fun and using (also) my DSP experience. The program was and is completely FREE.

I've been collaborating with the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" from 2006 in the "Signal and image Measurements and Processing" group, as Ph.D. student; for furthers information see:



A special thanks to the Professor Roberto Lojacono and Marcello Salmeri (see simplify web site above) for appreciating my qualities and  let me collaborate with them!

Then, I began also  to collaborate with the professor Giovanni Saggio, which is the founder of the IGS-group and thanks to him I've been able to further improve VA at a very very incredible level (introducing the ZRLC meter, for example); he adopt VA as basic instrument for the measurements on his electronic glove and more. for furthers information:


Why VA?

    Many people do not have the money to buy an expensive Oscilloscope or a Spectrum Analyzer. Or simply they do not want to invest money for something they will use rarely. Nevertheless many people love to build and test audio amplifiers or other kinds of simple circuits (oscillators, filters, etc); or simply they need monitoring some particular signal (an output of a sensor), and are only interested in the range of audio frequencies . A lot of musicians, for example, need a spectrum analyzer with an octave band analysis tool embedded.

    So, a good soundcard could be all the hardware they need. Together with their PC, that is, a lot of hardware already available at no cost. A recent soundcard with a sampling frequency of 96 or even 192 Khz will allows to manage signals with frequencies up to 96Khz ( well beyond the audio frequencies) transforming VA in a powerful set of instruments for general electronics and other applications. VA is useful anywhere you need a true oscilloscope, spectrum analyzer, frequency meter, voltmeter, function generator and even a distorsiometer (THD, THD+n). For example when tuning a class B power amplifier: you need a spectrum analyzer (or a THD meter) to minimize the crossover distortion. Now introduced a powerful ZRLC meter.

    The idea of using the soundcard of a PC is not a new one (there are many of programs like VA) but I tried to write a program specifically made for the analysis of audio circuits for the electronics hobbyist. I think VA is probably less "extravagant" than other (i.e. less windows and frills) but full of substance and even a lot of original ideas.

    VA is a software "under construction", and in continuous evolution. Thanks to the feedback of a lot of people all over the world, and ... why not...my pure passion!

The future

    A lot of considerations made during all the years I spent to improve and fix VA, take me to the crucial decision of  NOT create a commercial version of VA. Or, in other words, to continue improving VA only for free.  A lot of new functions and bug has been fixed starting with the 10.0 version of VA, that likely could have been the first commercial release. So, please continue using VA and thank you for encouraging me with your feedback and - sometime - your donations.  



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Send an e-mail to  alfredo[at]accattatis.org for questions and/or suggestions about the web site. The webmaster is Alfredo Accattatis.
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